Advantages Of Turkish Citizenship

Any foreigner who thinks about acquiring Turkish citizenship will wonder what the advantages of Turkish citizenship are. Generally, Turkey's nature and cuisine come to mind when people think about Turkey. Actually, there is a lot of advantages and beauties about Turkey.

Powerful Passport

Turkish citizens can travel 115 countries without visa with standard Red passport.  Also, businessmen can travel to 155 countries. Turkish citizens can experience the beauty of numerous countries.

Pension Programs

In Turkey, pension programs provided by the government. Citizens don't need any private pension programs.

Dual Citizenship

According to law, Turkey provides dual citizenship right. Turkey citizens who acquire foreign citizenship or Foreigner who acquire Turkish citizenship can have dual citizenship if the other country also provides it. Thus, a foreigner who became Turkish citizen able to use advantages of Turkish citizenship and other country citizenship.

Free Education

Turkey government provide free education from primary school to University. Students don't need any material for education like books until university. Also, the government provides Reimbursement programs for university students. Citizens can study with this opportunity as an advantage of Turkish Citizenship.

Citizenship for All Family

Family members of the foreigner who acquire Turkish citizenship also can get citizenship in Turkey. Children under 18 years old will get citizenship right away. However, children older than 18 years old who are disabled or needy can get citizenship in Turkey. A spouse must wait 3 years at least for Turkish citizenship.

Well-developed Healthcare System

Turkey has a well-developed healthcare system and high-quality health facilities. The number of health facilities increased and new facilities replace with old ones in the last decades. With the last regulations made in the last decades, healthcare programs improved and more useful for all citizens. Healthcare in Turkey contains more information about healthcare plans.

Turkey Coast

Natural Beauty Of Turkey

With the effect of geographical location, Turkey has a variety of natural beauties. There are historical and cultural areas in every region that every citizen can easily reach. Due to the weather in each region has a different Turkey is one of the few countries where you can live weather of 4 seasons.


Turkey has been ruled by democracy since its establishment. In these days, the implementation of democracy has become more systematic. Every citizen has an equal right and has ideas about the management of the country.

Easily purchase Real Estate

Foreigners who purchase real estate in Turkey need to wait for the military check. After acquiring Turkish citizenship, foreigners can easily purchase real estate without any military check or delay that caused by military check.

Easy Business

Easily Establish Business

Foreigners who want to establish a business in Turkey must complete some procedure. These procedures may be hard, complicated and have a long time duration. With Turkish citizenship, you don't need to struggle with these procedures.

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