Healthcare In Turkey

Healthcare in Turkey has been very advanced. Especially showed big progress with development in the last 20 years country. The government has made better facilities and some provided regulation in health care. You have 5 different insurance options for Health Care In Turkey.


Healthcare In Turkey has a massive social security organization as named SGK. SGK ensure only private sector and blue-collar public sector workers.Other workers must use other services.  Also, SGK provide insurance to members for healthcare, like job injuries, illnessmaternity. If SGK members want to use other hospitals besides SGK, they can use University And Private hospital has a contract with The Ministry Of Health. On Medical drugs, payment retired member pays %10, employed member pays %20. And  SGK provides the rest of the payment. If the insured person dies, close relative gets Pension payment and payment for funeral expenses.


Bag-Kur is a massive organization like SGK. But Bag-Kur provides its services to the self-employed workers, like a craftsman, small businessman or shareholders of companies. There are 24 steps for payment level on medical care in Bag-kur. And the first one is the lowest payment level for medical payment level limit. Bag-kur doesn’t contain any hospital or health facilities. But Bag-kur member can use SGK hospitals or  Private hospitals that has a contract with Bag-Kur. There are required payment in Healthcare for retire persons %10 and active-persons %20.

Emekli Sandigi

Emekli Sandigi is Retirement Fund provided by Government for own employees and includes health insurance. Emekli Sandigi provides %10 of medical payment. Rest of payment makes by retirement fund. And after a specific time in work for the government, Emekli sandigi has benefits for its members, like a retirement bonus and a death grant for relatives.

Yesil Kart

Formarly Yesil Kart, currently named 60c-1 system is a comparatively new system in Healthcare. The government provides funds for persons who have income below the minimum level of income with Green Card. Members of Green Card, has a special card given by the government. With that card, they can use state and some university hospitals for medical treatment.

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance in Turkey has a developed system and contains a lot of options for insurance. With Private Health Insurance, you can choose between different insurance types. There are numerous companies in this sector. And besides that companies options. you have a chance to involve a personal retirement system known as Bireysel Emeklilik Sistemi (BES). Banks and Private Health Insurance companies provide BES service with different options.

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