Investment In Turkey

Because of Turkey's geographical location and development, foreign investors may choose to make investment in Turkey. Especially geographic location gained Turkey a lot of chance for communication to other countries. Both western and eastern countries want to make a profit with opportunities In Turkey.


Agriculture and Food

Agriculture and food sector echoing the prosperity of ancient Mesopotamia in Turkey. With power supplies provided by Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and favorable climates, Anatolia lands provide huge opportunities for production foods. This sector employe almost 20 percent of the country's working population. Turkey offers a set of incentives to encourage investors who think about making an investment in the agriculture and food sector.



Turkey takes the first steps to start the automotive sector in 1960. After the rapid industrialization and progress, the Automotive sector improved. Especially between 2000 and 2017, OEM invested USD 14 billion in Turkey. With these investments, their manufacturing capabilities expand and Turkey becomes an important part of the global value chain.

Business Services

Business Services

With its geographical location, Turkey has an important strategic position in Business Services. Also, existing potential and growing population of Turkey has positive effects on Business Services development.Business Services in turkey contains such as Engineering and Architectural Consulting, Technical Testing, Call Centers, Knowledge-base Services.



The finance sector in Turkey has increased the reliability of the arrangements made for foreign investors in the last decade. Foreign investors have invested 51 million American dollars in this sector in the last 15 years. Banking dominates finance sector in Turkey and has 70 percent of all financial operations.

Defense And Aerospace

The Turkish defense and aerospace industry has been rapidly improving over the last decades. With this improvement, Turkey achieved success in a short time.  Nowadays, Turkish companies provide solutions with worldwide quality for different countries. Especially, Turkey is one of the largest defense spenders. With these spendings, Turkey developed projects like MILGEM, ALTAY and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Energy And Renewables

Energy And Renewables

Energy and renewables sectors in Turkey has increased as paralleling Turkey’s economic growth. Especially with the privatization program, energy sectors gained competitive structure. Electricity capacity that currently 80-GW, expected to reach to 120-GW in 2023. Turkey offers incentives to investors to provide much sustainable and reliable energy to customers.



Global sales of chemicals more than doubled over the past decade and Turkey closely followed this increasing. Turkey is the largest commercial vehicle producer in Europe and has sustained growth in customer industries. With that, Turkey has a special place for chemical sector investors. Chemical giants such as BASF, Henkel, Bayer, Evonik, Linde, P&G, PPG, and Dow have been producing in Turkey for decades and have continued to grow over the years. Also, plastics sectors is a promising area in Turkey’s chemical industry. Turkey has almost 3 percent of global plastics productions.

Information and Communication Technologies

With the digital age, Turkey has adopted new technologies and have been improving information and communication technologies(ICT) with parallel to global technology. Especially with social media consumption of the young population, the need for information and communication technologies is increasing day by day. The government has plans like "providing 1.000 Mbps speed to at least 14 billion houses".  With reasons like this, the information and communication technologies sector has huge potential for investors.


Infrastructure such as transportation, healthcare, energy in turkey has a public-private partnership (PPP). With this partnership, Turkey offers opportunities in the infrastructure sector to investors. Until today, Turkey made projects with USD 135 billion worth through public-private partnership.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences, especially healthcare system, has been developed fast in the last decades. The reforms made by the Ministry of Health in 2004 have effects on this development. With these reforms, the government shows how important the healthcare sector and its related sectors.


Machinery manufacturing is one of the key sectors for the growing economy. Also, this sector has a crucial place in the development of the country to become a greater manufacturing industry. Therefore, Turkey's offers opportunities in the Machinery sector to investors.

Mining And Metals

Mining and metals

Turkey has well-developed Mining and metals sector because of mineral abundance by geographical position and well-developed industry. Especially deep drilling has a huge potential because of mining operations in turkey generally has been surface excavations.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate sector one of the most promising sectors in Turkey. Turkey home to almost 81 million people. With a growing new generation and foreigners who become a Turkish citizen, this number increases day-to-day. Therefore, the real estate market is prone to growth and offers opportunities to investors.


With natural and historical places, the Tourism sector of Turkey is very promising all the time. Especially, the subsectors of the tourism offer great opportunities for investors. In 2018, Turkey has entertained over 41 billion tourists. According to these values, Turkey in the first ten in the tourism sector.

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