Life In Turkey

Life in Turkey contains different parts. Tradition has an effect on daily life and interactions. For example, according to Turkish culture, a foreigner who comes to doorstep is a guest from God. You, as a foreigner, you will be welcomed and experience Turkish hospitality. Expat or tourist, you will love Life in Turkey.

Culturally, Turkey is the blending of East and West and have a unique cultural situation with elements from both. Turkey land has a legacy from Classical Europe And Middle East that still visible in that lands. Unesco has been identifying numerous historical places like Great Mosque, Mountain of Nemrut and Safranbolu. Especially Istanbul contains a lot of historical and cultural areas.

Especially the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts and beaches are very popular among all foreigners who visit Turkey. With different weather and natural beauties in every region, Turkey has a lot of places to live and see.

Real Estate

In Turkey, rents depending on the location. Especially in big cities, rents will higher than the other cities. And in big cities, central locations have higher rent values. Also, most apartments have no furnishes while some of furnished. Apartments that furnished generally contains only basic equipment and stuff.

Turkey has currency with the name Yeni Turk Lirasi. It was introduced in 2005. However, you can find a lot of places that will accept foreign currency, especially in touristic areas. Generally, euros and dollars will be accepted.

Get Citizenship In Turkey

In big cities like Istanbul, there are different types of job opportunities. You can establish a business and become a shopkeeper or you can get good position in international company. But in the rustic areas, people have always different tasks and activities in each season. Except for coast sides, Middle and East Anatolia have tough winters. Living things stay inside of their indoors. Animals fed with foods that harvested before winter by people. With the coming of spring, life continues again. Every region has several different agriculture products and because of that most region has a different type of agriculture activity and task.

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