About Us

Who Are We?

Get Citizenship In Turkey is a consulting company which is especially expert on providing good investment opportunities and acquiring Turkish Citizenship for its clients. We are located in Kocaeli but we have branches in several cities, such as Istanbul and Ankara, to provide our services. Our Company is offering the best quality of legal and investment consultancy services which help its clients in overcoming the complicated procedures and paperwork during their application processes.  With a powerful and experienced team of experts, our company presents “one-stop-shop” solutions for its clients.

Our Expertise

We have great experience on the Turkish Citizenship applications for foreigners. So far, we could successfully accomplish the citizenship application of numerous clients from various countries. In addition, we have provided residence permits for our other clients.

Investment consultancy is another field in which we are operating comprehensively.  Not only do we provide best qualisty legal service for our clients’ citizenship applications, also we do take care of their investments in order to help them in having right decisions to make profit in short or long term. Our expertise in investment consultancy derives from our wide network and business experience in real estate sector and some industries.


We follow the lates updates in the laws and have access to the authorities to accomplish our applications as easy and quick as possible.


In Turkey, foreigners can acquire Residence permits through different ways. We have full knowledge for each of those ways.


With our team of experts, we can find the most profitable investments and manage your investments.


Expert Team

Each member of our team has an experience in their own respective profession.

Professional Workflow

We have a standardized workflow which was designed for getting the best results. This workflow is the outcome of many years of experience and our key element in making our clients happy.

Services With Multiple Language

We have a team of which members are able to communicate with our clients fluently in different languages.

Business Ethics

We are aware of the concerns of foreigners that the service they get will not be provided as promised. Of our business ethics and principles, we only accept the possible requests of clients and do not promise the things we are not able to carry out.

Quick Actions

We complete every step as quick as possible thanks to our direct access to the authorities and wide network.

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