Advantages Of Owning a Real Estate In Turkey

In this article, we will talk about advantages of owning a real estate in Turkey

A Method For Turkish Citizenship

With last regulations on Turkish Citizenship Laws, any foreigner can get citizenship in Turkey. Real Estate value limit that was at least 1.000.000 USD previously is decreased and currently at least 250.00 USD. Besides that, foreigner's family can also acquire citizenship in this way. Basically, you can make a profitable investment and get citizenship easily. You can also acquire citizenship with real estate purchase that's value above citizenship limits. With buying real estate, you can get a residence permit. This permit is renewable. After living in Turkey at least 5 years you have the right to make an application for Turkish Citizenship.

Profitable Investment

Whether you want Turkish citizenship or not, you can make profitable investments through real estate. Real estate sector in Turkey always an opportunity for investors. Real estate sector has been increasing with the growing population and immigration to big cities. Because of that, real estate renting is a great income source, especially in big cities. If you interest with investment and Turkish citizenship, you can get more information Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate page.

Get Residence Permit Easily

Any foreigner can get a residence permit. But as we mentioned, a foreigner who has a real estate in Turkey can get residence permit easily and extend the duration of the permit. There are advantages of residence permit like find a job easier and get a work permit. Also, with residence permit children of permit owner can get an education in Turkey. If you already have or want residence permit for Turkish Citizenship, you can get more information Turkish Citizenship Through Residence Permit page.

Peaceful Environment

With numerous natural places and friendly neighbors, Turkey has a peaceful environment for anyone. Each region has different beautiful natural views that must be seen in every season. When you get citizenship in Turkey, you can travel all along to the country, meet numerous person and taste delicious Turkish food.

If you interest with Turkish Citizenship by real estate or through Residence Permit, we can help you with our services.

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