Establish A Business In Turkey

Foreign investors can establish a business in Turkey and they equal to Turkish investors, according to law no.4875 that accepted in 17.06.2013. Before these regulations, foreigners couldn't establish a business so easily in Turkey. Most known and discussed condition was foreign investor must have preliminary permission of Ministry and each foreign investor on the company has capital at least USD 50.000. Also, with law no.6102, business life improved and provide much more opportunities to investors. This law based on the Europe Union harmonization period caused business life becomes stable and less complex.

Nowadays, with the increase in competition, companies are seeking the most profitable and easy to establish new investment places. In the past, investors can only seek local and know areas. But with improvements in technology, any investor can invest in any area in any country.  In this aspect, Turkey contains very promising investment areas for every type of companies and investors. The Republic of Turkey offers quite lucrative opportunities thanks to its existing potential and the latest regulations made.

Our Establish Business In Turkey service includes searching and investigating business and investment sectors and providing the best offers to establish a company with the best profit. Also, we can provide information about possible risks and profits and help your business grow in a short time.

Necessary Documents

  • Chamber of Commerce registration application
  • Founding statement form
  • Articles of Association certified by Notary Public
  • Passport and Potential Tax Number, in case of the partner is a real person
  • The certificate of activity and registry certificate, in case of the partner is a legal entity
  • Power of attorney for founding procedures
  • Stamped and signed bank receipts if collected
  • Stamped and signed bank receipt showing that the four per ten thousand of the capital is deposited in the account of Competition Authority,
  • Chamber of Commerce registry statement

Our Service

 WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THESE STEPS for establishing a business in most profitable sectors.

Learning Your Investment Plans

Making Research For Current Possible Investments

Preparing Documents

Completing Investment

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