Purchase Real Estate In Turkey

Our Purchase Real Estate In Turkey service includes searching and finding the best and most profitable real estate options according to your choice, making sure real estate conditions perfect, and making title deed for you. Also, we provide information about real estate laws and real estate insurances in Turkey. If you wish, we can also sell your property that existing or purchased through us. Like the purchase process, we will handle all steps of selling operations.

There are some restrictions for foreigners to purchase real estate. Foreigners ;
•can't purchase above 30 hectares in total
•can't purchase real estate in the military district
•purchase property up to 10% of the total area of the district

These restrictions shall not apply companies with legal entities.

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We can help you with these steps to finding the best real estates with best offers.

Learning Your Requests

Searching Real Estate

Making Title Deed

Completing Buying Or Selling Operations

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