Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage

Getting Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage has the longest procedure time among all other citizenship applications methods. Current conditions of Getting Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage are easier than the previous ones.  Turkish citizenship was only passing through from husband (Turkish) to wife (foreigner) in the first years of the Turkish Republic. But that problem was solved in the last decade of the 20th century and the law prevents discrimination among genders. Also, the new regulation on Turkish Citizenship system provides keeping your dual citizenship privilege that is mean you will not lose your main country citizenship after you become a Turkish citizen.

Major requirements of Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage are base on Turkish family traditions, Turkish society, country protection. The government expects the presence of a healthy marriage, a good model of a Turkish family and no threat for national security. The authority will examine your conditions in details after your Turkish citizenship application. The last major requirement of Getting Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage is to be married 3-years at least. This requirement is related to the presence of a healthy marriage requirement.


There is one exceptional situation in Getting Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage method. If you have married in another country, you can make an application for Turkish Citizenship. But you must inform the Turkish government by using the nearest consulate. Also, you can marry in a consulate. In this way, Turkey government will recognize your marriage automatically. On the other hand, if you don’t inform the authority after marriage, there is a penalty that you have to pay. And please do not forget, at this situation you can’t give your power of attorney to someone else for informing Turkey Government about your marriage. Therefore,  we can only help with procedures and documents of Turkish Citizenship.

Necessary Documents*

  • Application Form (VAT-6)
  • Certificate of population registration of a spouse who is a Turkish citizen
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Passport or Similar Identical Document
  • Birth certificate or similar document
  • Biometric Photo
  • Receipt of service fee on the cash desk receipt

*These documents may change or different documents may be needed also. Please contact us for information.

Conditions of Citizenship Through Marriage

We listed all the conditions below.

The Validity Of Marriage

If the couple married in abroad country, the marriage must be valid in the country of law where the couple married.

Family Union

The couple must live in the family union

Morality Of Family

One of the spouses does not take any action which is not agreeable to the family union during the marriage (simply prostitution, woman smuggling).

Not Threat To Public

The spouses or one of the spouses must not threaten national security

3 Years Duration

For make Turkish Citizenship application, the duration of marriage has to be 3 years at least.

Healthy Marriage

Marriage must present a healthy marriage during a citizenship application.

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