Turkish Citizenship With Turquoise Card

Turquoise Card is, as U.S.A Green card, will be given to foreigners who want to live in Turkey and have qualifications for contribution to national investments, economy, science and technology. Also, Turquoise Card owners can get Turkish Citizenship after the transition period.

In the Official Gazette that published in 14.03.2017, Turquoise Card defined as.;

"The document that grants the foreigner right of work permanently in Turkey, and the right of residence to his/her spouse and children who are dependent in line with governing legislation."

After 2 years of the Transition period, Turquoise Card owners able to make Turkish Citizenship application. 3 years after the card owner acquire Turkish citizenship, spouse able to obtain citizenship.

Rights Of Turquoise Card Holders

Holders of Turquoise Cards will have the same rights provided by permanent work permit, in other words,  they will benefit from the same rights as accorded to Turkish citizens except voting or stand for election in Turkey. They can only get the right of the election after the Transition Period when they acquire Turkish Citizenship. Beside, Turquoise Card owners exempt from the compulsory military service obligation. Also, Turquoise Cards owner's spouse and children who are dependent in line with governing legislation shall be given a document that substitutes the residence permit and shows that they are relatives of Turquoise Cards owner.

Qualifications For Turquoise Card

According to the Official Gazette that published in 14.03.2017, foreigners who able to acquire the Turquoise Card are;

  • assessed as qualified workforce due to their educational level, wage, professional experience, contribution to science and technology and such as qualifications
  • assessed as qualified investor due to their contribution to science and technology, their level of investment or export value, the volume of employment they provide and such as qualifications
  • scientists and researcher who have internationally recognized studies in the academic area, and those distinguished in science, industry and technology, areas of which deemed strategic from the point of our country
  • internationally reputed for their successes in cultural, artistic or sports activities
  • contributing the recognition or publicity of Turkey or its culture internationally, acting in favor of the matters concerning Turkey’s national interests.

Transition Period Of Turquoise Card

Transition Period Of Turquoise Card is 3 years. In this period, Turquoise card owners can live and work in Turkey like Turkish Citizen. In the Transition period, they have to give reports for Turquoise Card point system. And if they don't cancel their Turquoise Card in the Transition period, they can make an application for permanent Turquoise Card and their application will be examined according to the point system. Permanent Turquoise Card application must be lodged before the Transition Period ends. Their Turquoise Card becomes invalid after the expiration of the transition period. And also, Turquoise Card will be canceled if the card owner stays outside of Turkey longer than the period determined by The Ministry Of Labor And Social Security.

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