Depositing Money Into The Turkish Bank

Depositing Money Into The Turkish Bank is a method for Turkish citizenship through investment and it can easily be made done by any foreigner. According to new regulations published in the Offical Gazette on September 18, 2018, the foreigners who deposit money into the Turkish bank can acquire Turkish Citizenship. The Banking Regulation And Supervision Agency determine the foreigners who deposit at least 500.000 USD or equivalent other currency in Turkish Bank with the condition to keep at least 3 years. Foreigners can obtain Turkish Citizenship with the decision of the President of The Republic Of Turkey.

The foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship with depositing money in Turkish Bank have all the rights of Turkish Citizenship. Also, they will have dual citizenship if their country provides dual citizenship.

Necessary Documents*

  • certificate of conformity Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency Financial Consumer Relations Department
  • Valid Residence Permit
  • passport or similar identical document
  • birth certificate or similar document
  • Receipt of service fee on the cash desk receipt
  • 2 biometric photo with 50x60mm
  • Certificate Of Marital Status

*These documents may change or different documents may be needed also. Please contact us for information.

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