Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate

Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate method is the most profitable and the most preferred among all the Turkish Citizenship application methods. According to Offical Gazette, foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey worth a minimum $250,000 can now avail Turkish citizenship. Turkey’s Real Estate sales to foreigners have presented an upward trend since 2012. In case of buying real estate for Turkish Citizenship application, you must add an annotation to your contract about you will not sell your real estate 3 years at least. You can rent out your property but you can’t sell in 3 years. Sales made in 3 years will result in the cancellation of citizenship.

Necessary Documents*

  • Copy of the pledge of sale contract or the title deed.
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance of purchased property.
  • 1 photography of the seller and 2 photography of the buyer.
  • Property value certificate.
  • Passport or similar identical document
  • 2 biometric photo with 50x60mm
  • Certificate of Martial Status
  • Birth certificate or similar document
  • Valid Residence Permit

*These documents may change or different documents may be needed also. Please contact us for information.

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